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About Me


Welcome to my web log!

You may know me from such viral memes as The World According To San Francisco.

Some details about me that you should know right away:

In that order. The rest is subject to change. Along the way there will be back and forths on the aforementioned topics. You can expect posts on cocktails, maybe a photo or two of Scandinavia. Try to avoid the detours on language. You might enjoy the celebrity snark and other minutiae. This blogging platform rewards minutiae. There will of course be the odd meme. Everyone loves a fresh meme.

Above all there will be a streak of contrarianism.

It may not show up right away. It may sneak up on you. But you gotta know this about me upfront. I use argument to clarify thought. Because my thoughts are unclear. So are yours.

When my blogging reaches fever pitch, it can be combative, (which is better than being tedious, but if I’m honest I’ll have to admit to both). And it’s why, over time, you’ll find this blog… off-putting. Eventually I will have offended even you, dear reader. Right now you’re thinking, “No, this is reverse psychology. It’s a boast wrapped in a dare.” It’s really not. Your nose will crinkle. Believe it.

And it’s why I blog. Those bullet points up top? They paint a picture, amirite? I live in a cocoon of like-minded people. It’s warm and soothing, but suffocating. Thoughts are encouraged as long as you reach the predetermined outcome. We can’t discuss race or sex or politics or gender or religion in polite company. When we can, it is, by definition, impolite company.

imageI want to have impolite company with you, sexy reader. I wanna mix it up. Because all the rest is skull-crushingly-boring, and if we’re gonna crush skulls let’s use something else. Let’s use abortion or pornstars or retards or prostitute rape or blacks and fried chicken. Let’s talk cult-wear and homos and state killings and pedophiles and if that’s not your cup of tea we can downshift to pop culture. (Though my playlist on television and film is better than my thoughts on art or music. You should go elsewhere for that.) But basically, this corner of the internet is probably not the feel-good movie you signed up for.

Housekeeping: There will be shameless usage of the passive voice. There be will syntax errors. Words will be be repeated or shuffled out order of because my brain moves faster than my hands. These errors are invisible to me until you point them out. Please point them out.

A word about the name: I’ve taken flak on the anonymity, which isn’t strictly accurate. Like 99% of the of the blogopshere, I’m pseudonymous. True anonymity requires unlinkability. There are links to my life all over this blog. And when you blog as much as I do, they’re impossible to conceal. They’re not overt, but they are there.

Any questions?